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Bigfile Upload Service
This web page will allow you to drop-off (upload) one or more files for a Baylor College of Medicine employee. The recipient will receive an automated email containing the information you enter below and instructions for downloading the file. Your IP address will be logged and sent to the recipient, as well, for identity confirmation purposes.
1. Sender Information
Your name:  (required)
Your organization:  (optional)
Your email address:  (required)
Send an email to me when the recipient picks-up the file(s).
2. Recipient Information
Recipient 1:
[add recipient]

 I wish to upload recipients via a CSV or text file
3. File(s) to Upload
File 1:
  Description:  (optional)

Dropoffs may not exceed 8.0 GB per file, or 8.0 GB total for the entire dropoff.

Note: many web browsers can not upload individual files larger than 2.0 GB. See here for more info.

Files uploaded to the Dropbox are not scanned for viruses. Exercise the same degree of caution as you would with any other file you download. Users are also strongly encouraged to encrypt any files containing sensitive information (e.g. personal non-public information, PNPI) before sending them via the Dropbox!